Refiber Designs
hand warmers for working with your hands
~ Handmade in Seattle, WA ~
At Refiber Designs, we make thoughtfully crafted hand warmers.
They are great to keep your hands warm, ease hand/wrist pain, and may help prevent repetitive strain injury.
We know how typing (or sewing!) all day can wear a pair of hands out, so we've made comfortable and practical hand warmers that provide finger mobility in a cozy, lightweight, fitted design – and they're machine washable!
Meet Julia, the founder of Refiber Designs.
She knitted the first inspired pair of hand warmers for her boyfriend who works in tech.  He was looking for ways to help prevent repetitive strain injury and heard how keeping your hands warm while you work can help.  After a couple years of seeing him enjoy wearing them everyday and have noticeably less RSI issues, Julia began to take the idea more seriously for starting her own business.   With some first hand feedback from her earliest adopter, she began prototyping and after some thorough testing, her hand warmers are now patent pending!  And she is so happy to be able to share them with you!
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